When we were kids we all remember running round with sparklers, trying to draw patterns in the night sky with the fizzing bright light.

Trying to see who could write their name and how the quicker you moved, the more you could write. Well artist Darren Pearson has taken this idea one step further. Using a long exposure camera and

How does he do it?

Using small singular LED light bulbs in the evening light, he draws in the air his skeleton designs. Using a remote control on the camera he opens the shutter then sketches his design using a variety of colours. The camera captures the light trails creating these sketches onto the photos. Darren is careful to wear black so as not to be seen in the photos. This makes the skeletons appear to exist by themselves. He draws sketches by hand to begin with and spends time researching the location so he can have a good idea of how the final piece will look. In a short explanation found on his website however, he notes how he can never see how the work will look until he has completed the long exposure and sees the final photo. He gets the proportions for the skeletons using his own body as a guide. Once he has etched out all his characters, he uses the cameras remote to close the shutter, capturing the final image. Each image can take between two to seven minutes to create.

Where does he do it?

Darren scouts outs venues in day to day life. If Darren spots somewhere that he thinks will make a good location, he will capture it on his phone of compact camera and refer to it later in the research process. He will sketch up an idea and return after dark to create his work.

What People Think?

There seems to be a mixed reaction to the photos. Darren would like them to be seen as part of a story. Most of his work suggests a narrative, so this should not be hard to achieve with a little bit of imagination. Through his website and exhibitions, Darren has received some great feedback, with some fans describing them as ‘Inspiring’. There isn’t a lack of sceptics those with some  whiles some other will be highly sceptical and assume that they are made using Photoshop to enhance the image.

We think this is an awesome fun use of LED lighting. This could be easily recreated by using finger LED lights and a slow exposure camera, you can create your own effects and scenes. Great for personalised photos that can be used to make cards and gifts. It could also be a great way to get young children interested in photography, using a different method from the usual point and click. It shows them new possibilities with a camera, getting them interested in art and photography. Why not give it a go yourself and see what designs you can come up with.

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8 years ago

It’s actually a nice and helpful piece of info. I’m happy that you just shared this helpful information with us.
Please keep us informed like this. Thank you for sharing.


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