LED’s have a number of advantages over standard incandescent lighting. One of these advantages is their versatility.  LED’s can come in an array of different colours, which can make them useful for a number of different domestic applications.Our RGB colour changing LED bulb is available in both the GU10 and MR16 (low voltage) models.  This bulb features numerous different colours and settings such as fading one colour into the next or picking a shade of a colour and then diming the brightness of the chosen colour.  The bulb can also be set to white, which is a cool white colour for everyday use.   It is fair to say that you can use the remote to create whatever lighting you desire.

Colour changing bulbs are popular for a wide range of uses. They can be used as fun for a child’s bedroom, a bar area, brightening up your kitchen or even perfect the look of your garden lighting.  They are also great to have around for a party and over the Christmas period.

It is not only LED bulbs which are colour changing. We also have an RGB Strip Light Kit, which can be great for under cabinet lighting as well as fun to use in other areas.

The use of LED’s is endless. Why not explore the possibilities with some of our RGB Lighting.

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