Some creative decorating projects that are great for Halloween!


Witches Cauldron

To make a convincing and spooky looking witches cauldron, use lights under it to represent a flame and in the top of the cauldron put in dry ice and add water to create a spooky smoke effect.


Creepy silhouettes

Use LED strip lights to give your window a spooky look just add a simple silhouette, you could also use a coloured light or strip light to make an outdoor silhouette.


Spooky Figures

Using mannequins or scarecrows cover them in a white sheet and highlight them with LED coloured strip lights under the sheets to create a spooky glow.


Tree décor

For a simple and classy décor use a variety of Fairy lights or Strip lights to highlight a spooky looking tree.

For more creative decorating ideas visit our Pinterest page.

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