LEDs use far fewer watts of electricity than equivalent traditional bulbs. Take MR16 and GU10 spotlights, for example. Standard halogen MR16 and GU10 bulbs are 50 watts. SimplyLED’s NxtGen MR16s and GU10s consume just five watts of electricity.

This means you can cut your fuel bill by replacing traditional halogen spotlights with LEDs. Some people have raised a query, though. They want to save money; but they also want to be sure the light output from LED bulbs is as good as the output from halogens.

LEDs and lumen ratings

The basis of this query is the lumens rating of halogen 50-watt bulbs. A lumens rating is a measure of the light output from a bulb. According to research from the US Department of Energy, halogen 50-watt MR16 and GU10 bulbs emit between 560 and 710 lumens of light. NxtGen cool white LED MR16s and GU10s emit 390 lumens.

This suggests NxtGen LEDs don’t produce as much light as traditional MR16s and GU10s. But this isn’t the case. The light output from LEDs is not the same type as the output from halogen bulbs.

Halogen MR16s and GU10s emit visible and infrared light. Humans are unable to see infrared light. So a lumens rating of 560-710 for halogen bulbs doesn’t mean we can see that amount of light.

LEDs, on the other hand, emit only visible light. As a result, any comparison of lumens ratings between halogen 50-watt bulbs and LED equivalents is misleading. In fact, LEDs can be brighter than halogen bulbs with higher lumens ratings because all LED light is visible.

Try NxtGen MR16 and GU10 LEDs and see for yourself. You not only reduce your electricity bill with low energy, long-lasting bulbs; you can also have brighter, more effective light than before.

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