In January of this year I moved into a new flat in London with my Fiancée and discovered that the lighting left by the previous tenant was a little out of date. Halogen spotlights had blown within a matter of minutes after being switched on and the lighting in the master bedroom was appalling, given that it consumed 100-watts.

Being conscious of the rising cost in energy prices and not wanting to waste any money unnecessarily I decided that my best bet was to look online for some energy efficient LED lighting. Before this I decided to conduct a lighting audit in order to assess my current setup and to best determine my lighting requirements; here’s what we started with:

Halogen LED Lighting – January 2013
Room Light Wattage Quantity Total Power Consumption
Living Room B22 60w 2 120w
Hallway B22 60w 2 120w
Kitchen GU10 50w 8 400w
Bathroom GU10 50w 4 200w
Bedroom B22
En-Suite GU10 50w 3 150w
Bedroom 2 B22 60w 1 60w
Total Power Consumption 1,250w!!!

After careful consideration, much research and some fruitless Google searches I discovered SimplyLED, an online retailer based in Leeds. I decided to purchase my LED lighting from them for the following reasons:

  • All of their prices included VAT and free UK delivery.
  • They appear to be an established, reputable company with the customer’s best interests at heart.
  • They were running a promotion at the time so I was able to take advantage of a further reduction to my order.

Before placing my order I spoke with a chap in the customer service team called Luke about the dimmer switch in my living room. Luke was very helpful and really took the time to discuss my lighting requirements before pointing me in the direction of an LED compatible dimmer switch on the SimplyLED website. It was also Luke who made me aware of the discount coupon code that got me an additional 10% off my order.

My order was delivered in secure packaging and arrived in perfect condition. When I opened the package I was instantly impressed with the presentation of my products. Each product was individually packaged in high quality, glossy boxes and really made me feel like I had made the right decision.


SimplyLED NxtGen GU10 LEDs – Quite simply these spotlights are unbelievable!

Here’s what I’d ordered:

LED Lighting – January 2013
Room Light Wattage Quantity Total Power Consumption
Living Room B22 12w 2 24w
Hallway B22 12w 2 24w
Kitchen GU10 NxtGen LED 5w 8 40w
Bathroom GU10 NxtGen LED 5w 4 20w
Bedroom B22
En-Suite GU10 NxtGen LED 5w 3 15w
Bedroom 2 B22 12w 1 12w
Total Power Consumption 171w 🙂

The switch over was incredibly easy and took me roughly 30 minutes. The only bit of DIY required in the whole process was to change a rather unattractive dimmer switch over to an LED compatible polished chrome dimmer switch to enable me to dim my LEDs in the living room.

My reaction when turning on my NxtGen GU10 LED spotlights in my kitchen for the first time was utter amazement. This was quickly followed by the thought: “…never mind being equivalent to a halogen spotlight, these NxtGen’s wipe the floor with halogens and it does them a disservice to even be compared to them!”


NxtGen GU10 LEDs in my kitchen.


Throughout my flat, rooms are much brighter and at all hours of the day appear to exude a more natural light. Personally the impact of having high quality LED lighting has been a greater sense of personal happiness as I can work and live in all rooms in my flat with high quality, natural light. The added bonus being that if I were to run all of my lights simultaneously I’d now be consuming 1,079 watts of electricity less than I would if I had settled for the original halogens.

My next challenge is to get my parents and friends to make the switch to LED lighting, except it’s not really a challenge anymore; after all, they’ve already been amazed by my LEDs.

Thank you SimplyLED!

Details correct at time of publishing.

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