Today we’re proud to announce the launch of something rather special, a series of products exclusive to SimplyLED. Available in GU10, MR16 and E27 fittings, the SimplyLED NxtGen series is simply outstanding!

We’ve taken your feedback and used it to enhance our most popular LEDs. The result is a collection of NxtGen bulbs that are brighter, have improved beam angles and a more comfortable colour temperature.

Let’s compare a NxtGen GU10 LED light bulb to the most common GU10 LED replacement on the market at present: the GU10 20 Piece SMD 5050 LED.

Lumen Output

  • NxtGen GU10s deliver an advertised lumen output of 370 lumens for warm white and 390 lumens for cool white GU10 LEDs.
  • It’s worth pointing out that during a series of additional tests we managed to deliver a maximum lumen output of 404 lumens from the Dimmable NxtGen GU10 in warm white.
  • The market alternative only delivers 300 lumens for warm white and 320 lumens for cool white.

SMD Chips

  • The NxtGen GU10 has 22 SMD chips compared to the market alternative that only has 20.
  • This coupled with a more efficient LED driver and brighter SMD chips helps the NxtGen bulb to deliver a higher lumen output.

Lens & Beam Angle

  • The NxtGen GU10 incorporates an innovative lens that helps to maintain colour when viewing the bulb from different angles. Additionally this ensures that you’ll need to look pretty hard to notice the yellow SMD chips on your NxtGen GU10.
  • With a 60° beam angle the NxtGen GU10 LED has greater focus than the market alternative and is generally considered a closer match to the standard halogen light bulb.

Heat Sink

  • The NxtGen GU10 LED bulb features an enhanced heat sink, so our new bulbs are even cooler to touch compared to the market alternative and they’re already pretty cool!

Colour Temperature

  • We’ve increased the colour temperature on our warm white NxtGen from the market alternative of 2700k to the NxtGen 3000k – this will make the NxtGen GU10 in warm white appear less yellow and a lot brighter.
  • The cool white has received slightly different treatment and has been tweaked to reduce its harshness from 6000k (market alternative) to 5000k.

Certification & Quality Control

  • Like the market alternative our NxtGen LEDs have undergone CE and RoHS certification to be eligible for sale within the EU.
  • All NxtGen LEDs are tested and aged for 12 hours prior to shipping and we are actively working with TUV in the UK.
  • As an added measure our NxtGen products come complete with class 2 double insulation and protective safety fuses.


  • NxtGen GU10 LEDs come in a true fit size ensuring that they fit easily into your existing light fittings. They’re compatible with fire rated downlight casings and if you buy the Dimmable NxtGen GU10 LED they are compatible with our dimmer switches.

As you can see from our comparison the SimplyLED NxtGen series is the logical evolution from the market alternative:

  • It’s brighter!
  • Its beam angle has greater focus!
  • Its colour temperature is closer to customer expectations!

We’re so confident you’ll love it that we’re going to give you an extra 7 days to try the product. SimplyLED NxtGen products come with a 21 day home trial!

For friendly advice, to find out more about our exclusive NxtGen product range or any of our other fantastic products please call us on:  0845 459 8010. Alternatively please send an email to

4 responses to “NxtGen: An Evolution in LED Lighting”

  1. Paul says:

    I have ordered the mains version. I would like to order the 12v but unable to change the transformer to fit led driver. We need a version which is comparable with existing mains transformers & then it would be so simple to switch.

    Is the life reduced if you do not fit the led driver?

    • admin says:

      Hi Paul,

      Thank you for your question.

      In our testing so far, we have found no problems that effect the performance of our new NxtGen MR16 (12v) lamps when used with an existing, traditional transformer/ driver.

      Please feel free to email our technical team directly at or call us on 0845 459 8010 for more advice with this matter.

      Remember, we also include a 21 day home trial with these products at the moment which will allow you to trail the product out in your own home and in your case with your existing transformers too.

      Kind regards,


  2. Peter says:

    I fitted 4 12v led spots into a cooker hood light, the transformer also tripped if all four were replaced. It worked fine if one halogen was retained and three replaced with Led’s. Have you come accords this ? And why ?



    • admin says:

      Hi Peter,

      Thank you for your comment.
      Did you purchase your 12v LED lights from SimplyLED? If so are you using them with an LED compatible transformer or driver? Your driver may only work effectively with a certain number of bulbs or wattage being consumed; As your new LED replacements are using far less power this may be causing the issue. To help us give you a more accurate response, please email or call our technical team using the details below and include your order number, postcode and telephone number.
      0845 459 8010

      We look forward to hearing from you soon!

      Kind regards,


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