Over the past few years, LED lighting has come a long way. It has gone from being a very expensive form of lighting, only used in commercial setting, to being affordable and mainstream. The latest form of LEDs is known as NxtGen LED lighting. NxtGen stands for next generation.

Features of NxtGen LED Lighting

NxtGen LED lighting comes with many new features that are not commonly found in older LED bulbs. They use an integrated LED driver, and come complete with thermal and surge protection. This means that they will cut out rather than overheat and burn out and that they can withstand small surges in power that would have blown older LED bulbs rendering them unusable.

The chipset used has been updated to provide high levels of luminosity without affecting the energy efficiency of the bulb. Authentic NxtGen LEDs meet all CE and RoHS standards. They are manufactured to a high standard, using materials that have a low carbon footprint.

Avoid Buying Fake NxtGen LED Lighting

Unfortunately, the lighting market has become flooded with fake NxtGen LED lighting. These fake bulbs are made using substandard materials and components including first generation chipsets and drivers.

They deliver very poor light levels and tend to burn out very quickly so buying them is definitely a false economy. Spotting them is very difficult, which is why it is important to buy LED lighting from well-established retailers who have contracts with the big LED bulb manufacturers.

Genuine NxtGen LED lighting is never marketed as NextGen LED, NxtGeneration LED, Next Generation LED or New Generation LED. The naming sounds similar, but are not the same at all. Bulbs labelled and marketed in this way do not meet the same standards as genuine NxtGen bulbs.

Genuine NxtGen lighting is only available in GU10 LED, MR16, E27 and E14 configurations. All other configurations are definitely not made to the same standards. Only the GU10 LED format comes in a dimmable as well as a non-dimmable configuration. You can also buy NxtGen red, green and blue LED bulbs, but only in the GU10 LED configuration.

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