Earlier this year we launched the SimplyLED NxtGen Series of LED lighting featuring GU10, MR16 and E27 fittings. This product launch was the result of months of hard work, rigorous testing and discussions with our customers.

Soon after the launch we surveyed each customer who had purchased a NxtGen product. The results were exceptional with 86.1% of customers rating their NxtGen LEDs as a suitable replacement for their old light bulbs.

Towards the end of May we added an E14 fitting to complete the NxtGen Series. To date the reception has been exceptional with SimplyLED NxtGen LEDs proving to be one of the most popular lighting products in the UK marketplace.

Like all good technology companies we enjoy testing and innovating to ensure that our products consistently exceed our customer’s expectations.

In our NxtGen launch article posted to our blog on February 2nd 2012 we explained how our Dimmable NxtGen GU10 LED bulb in warm white had an advertised lumen output of 370, yet in lab tests we had managed to increase this to 404 lumens.

Well we’ve continued with this testing and have now re-engineered our NxtGen LEDs to deliver an even higher lumen output. We call this evolution NxtGen Series II and you can buy these innovative products at SimplyLED.co.uk in GU10 (dimmable, non-dimmable and colour), MR16, E27 and E14 fittings. As an example, our NxtGen Series II GU10 LEDs now have an official advertised lumen output of 410 lumens in warm white and 430 lumens in cool white.

As you’d expect, the NxtGen Series II collection of products still come with the following great features as standard:

  • CE and RoHS certification to be eligible for sale within the EU.
  • Extensive and rigorous third party testing through TUV in the UK.
  • True fit compatibility for ease of use.
  • Super efficient integrated circuitry for a brighter lumen output.
  • 60° beam angle to provide greater focus and represents a closer match to standard halogen bulbs.
  • An enhanced heat sink to ensure that our bulbs are the coolest around.

Just as the original NxtGen LEDs were the logical evolution from the market alternatives, the NxtGen Series II is now the next evolution in LED lighting.

Check out our website for more information on the SimplyLED NxtGen Series II range of LED lighting and give us a call on: 0845 459 8010

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