Whether you have already switched to LED lighting or are still undecided, we are now selling two fantastic items which will show you in real time, the savings you make by using LED lighting.  The OWL Micro+ and OWL +USB are devices which are designed to tell you how much electricity you are using and at what cost. By using these monitors, you can see immediately see the difference when you employ energy saving methods.

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How do they work?
The OWL Micro+ and OWL+USB both have clips, which you fasten around the outgoing cable from your electricity meter. Once connected, the transmitter device registers the small electromagnetic field produced by the wire as electricity passes through it. Using this magnetic field, it can then tell how much electricity is being used. Once you have entered your tariff and other relevant information the OWL Micro+ and OWL+USB will display how much electricity you are using on its LCD screen.

The OWL Micro+
The OWL Micro+ comes with a battery operated transmitter device and this clips onto the outgoing wire from your fuse box. The main monitor and LCD display however, can then be placed almost anywhere in your home as the data from the transmitter is sent to the monitor without the need for wires. The display shows you in real time, how much your electricity is costing you. It is a quick and simple way to see the cost benefits of using energy efficient lighting and appliances.

The OWL +USB includes the same easy to read display and sleek design of the Micro, but with the added benefit of data logging and the ability to transfer this data to a PC (Not compatible with Apple Macintosh).  The data can then be presented in graphs or numerical format and provides a simple way to monitor electricity consumption over a set time period.

One fantastic feature found in both OWL monitors is the ability to choose how you want to view your energy savings. The OWL monitors are able to display energy in KW used, but if you decide to enter your actual electricity rate (which you can find on your bill), the OWL monitors are able to display exactly what your energy is costing in £s. This simplifies monitoring your energy even further and means you can easily see how much you are spending in a realistic and straight forward way.

Not only will these help you save money by raising awareness, they will also help cut your energy consumption, lower your carbon footprint and ultimately help you run a greener, more efficient house. So why not try one out today and see what you could save?

Check out our dedicated OWL product centre

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