With yesterday’s announcement that Scottish Power plan to increase the price of their electricity by 10% we wanted to make you aware that even with this hike it’s still possible to save on your energy bills.

Energy efficiency will save you money. LED light bulbs convert electricity into light in an extremely efficient way, often saving consumers 90% on their electricity bill. This process cannot be matched by standard halogen bulbs or CFLs.

If as expected the likes of nPower, E.On and EDF also increase their prices, the average household can expect their energy bill to increase by £180! This makes it all the more important to make the switch to energy efficient lighting.

It’s very easy to make the switch, simply visit our website and browse the wide range of energy efficient lighting.

Should you need assistance we have a number of knowledgeable support staff available via our live chat or alternatively by telephone: 0845 459 8010.

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Terry Webb
Terry Webb
11 years ago

Sirs, As the director of the freehold Company of a block of 39 flats, I have reduced our common area lighting load from 5.6 Kw to 150 Watts over the past few years.
(112 x 50W halogen to 50 x 3W Led.. Hence I endorse your comments.
At the same time I have reduced my personal daily consumption from 8.3 Kw h per day to just 3.7 Kw h per day by methods including the extensive use of LEDs.
I am now looking for a maintained/sustained (emergency 3 hour) led unit with daylight switching for our outside lighting. IP 55 or better and daylight switching simply for public perception not energy costs, which would not be significant. Minimum of equivalent to 2D fitting light output. Are you aware of any such units?.

Terry Webb.