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Wigan cut electricity by 60% with LED light bulbs

The borough of Wigan is embarking on a £11 million project to refit 31,000 LED street lights over the next 3 years....

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Residents Complaints lead to Darkness in Chichester

A year after installing new street lights, West Sussex County Council is looking at switching to part-night lighting. This would mean that...

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Ayrshire expect to save millions with LED light bulbs

Last week, the North Ayrshire council approved plans to spend over £4 million on replacing lights with LED light bulbs. With the...

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Debate over change in lights

After the City of Lethbridge changed their streetlights to energy efficient LED light bulbs, a lot of residents didn’t agree with the...

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Gloucestershire Could Save Millions with LED light bulbs

Gloucestershire Council is expected to make millions through LED street lighting. A discussion has begun on whether the council should convert to...

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