As a young, fresh out of university Graphic Design graduate, Luke is one of the newest members to our growing SimplyLED team.

After moving into his first house with his partner earlier this month, we thought this would be a great opportunity for a small ‘live’ experiment to see just how much he could save switching his bulbs over to LED lighting. Over to Luke…

Being our first real venture in to property, my partner and I felt the need to hold back a little, opting for a small but cosy (and hopefully cheaper to run) 1-bedroom house.

In total there are just 4 main rooms, comprising of a good sized living room, open plan kitchen and hall way, bedroom and finally the bathroom. The house is well lit and currently uses a mixture of traditional incandescent bulbs, halogen spotlights and 1 or 2 low energy saving CFLs (which we both despise as they take forever to get to their maximum brightness). The breakdown is as follows:

Entrance Hall.
Currently a single pendant lamp lights the hall which is fitted with a 20W CFL bulb.

In the kitchen we have a ceiling fitted lighting rack with 4x  50W GU10 bulbs.

Living room
Like the kitchen, the living room has a ceiling mounted fixture, with a cluster of angled spotlights (again, four in total) all of which are 35W GU10 bulbs.

Stairs/ Landing.
Finally upstairs, there is a single pendant light with a dull energy efficient 20W CFL used to light both the staircase and small landing.

Our bathroom currently has a single, bright pendant style light, fitted with a 60W B22 Incandescent bulb

Lastly, the same again in the bedroom, only this time fitted with a 11W CFL bulb.

Now like most people, we are interested in ways of cutting our bills and helping the environment but we (as you can probably already tell) will not be sticking to the CFLs. We are keen recyclers and do lots of other things around the house to reduce our carbon footprint, but the thought of having the whole house fitted with CFLs is massively off putting, so we jumped at the chance to be the guinea pigs for this little experiment.

We will shortly be fitting an energy monitor, which we plan to use over the coming weeks to map out our current usage and get some figures for comparison with LED lighting. For those of you not using any form of energy saving lighting it may also be worthwhile us testing our house with traditional lighting and bulbs alone too (We will consider this after the first set of results). We will be using the Eon CC128 energy monitor for monitoring our usage and this will be installed throughout the experiment to give us our comparisons. If it all goes to plan, we hope to not only show how, even in a small house you can cut your bills, but also give some real world feedback and show just how much you can save and how easy you can do it!

So… Wish us luck and be sure to check back each week for our updates and results!

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