The new Integral GU10 LED performs just like a Halogen.

Using innovative optics and reflectors, Integral LED have developed a GU10 lamp that performs just like Halogen in terms of light distribution, colour and overall look but with the energy saving and durability benefits of LED. The low-glare design improves on Halogen bulbs and looks great both ON and OFF.

The bulbs are available in Very Warm White and Cool White and are also available as dimmable and non-dimmable. A perfect starter bulb for those hesitant about switching to LED.

Integral found that switching a Halogen 50w bulb for the Integral ‘Classic Glow’ 6.8w LED will save you £6.62 a year per bulb – and that is based on 3 hours use a day! With the dark nights you’ll no doubt use it more and save even more energy/money.

The Integral Classic Glow GU10 has been nominated for best Lighting Source in the Lighting Design Awards 2015.

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