LED lighting is known to save you money on your electricity. Not only that, but they will also save you money in maintenance with their long life span.

These advantages together with all the other great reasons to use LED light bulbs, make them an obvious choice for your home lighting. But did you know that by using LED lights you can actually add value to your home? Every home being sold or rented is now required by law to have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) done.

The EPC shows how energy efficient your house is (or isn’t as the case may be), covering areas from insulation to energy usage. One category on the EPC is lighting. If you have low energy lighting such as LED light bulbs in every fixed lighting outlet, you can increase your efficiency over all and your EPC rating. Having a high EPC rating could add value to your house, making it more appealing to house hunters, especially energy/ environmentally friendly conscious ones!

The EPC Certificate is a document which rates all areas of energy efficiency in the house from wall and roof insulation to lighting and heating. It shows what areas are good and what areas are poor, offering suggestions on how improvements can be made to the buildings energy efficiency and even shows the savings that could be made from the recommended improvements.

Lighting is one the category you may not have considered when thinking about the energy performance of the house. But installing LED lighting in all you lighting fixtures will not only save you money but will bring your EPC rating up. A potential home buyer will want to get the most for their money and having a house with a high EPC rating will certainly help entice them to your property.

To view your properties EPC rating or that of a house you may be looking to purchase/rent just search the database with the postcode and you can view the full certificate, you can also view the local neighbours certificates to see how similar properties compare.

According to the EPC certificates, just by changing your lighting to low energy lighting, you could save a considerable amount of money and energy. For example, I have recently moved into a one bed rented maisonette property, according to my EPC certificate by swapping all my B22 bulbs to low energy lighting I could save at least £28 a year. But the EPC certificate simply states low energy lighting, so I can assume that changing all of my Traditional B22 bulbs to LED B22’s (which consume even less energy than the conventional CFL energy saving bulbs) I would save even more!

It is always helpful to find new ways to save money in this current, tough economic climate and checking your EPC rating and suggestions is a fantastic way to do this. You can also apply a few things at home to help you increase potential savings, install an OWL energy monitor to track your energy usage and help you identify ways to cut your electricity costs. Switch all lights to low energy LED lighting to see a dramatic cut in electricity bills. Ensure plugs are turned off when not in use and don’t leave electronic devices on standby. It’s amazing how a few simple tricks can help you cut your energy costs, and potential increase the value of your property!

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