In case you hadn’t realised from the cold, the rain and the dark mornings British Summer Time is over, meaning the clocks are due to go back an hour.

On October 26th the clocks go back an hour at 2am which means you not only get an extra hour in bed but mornings will start to get brighter too. It’s great for early birds but this also means that come 5pm when most of us begin to go home it’ll start to get dark earlier and earlier. For business owners a good investment would be a PIR Floodlight to keep your employees safe when leaving work at night – car parks and industrial buildings can be especially dangerous. As well as keeping your employees safe it can also keep your building safe. This can also be applied to homes.

A sensor light outside your home can keep you and your home safe by deterring potential thieves and enabling you to see better. Buying a sensor light means you save energy by it only going on when someone approaches. Depending on where your house is it can be inconvenient, if there’s a lot of foot traffic near by you won’t want your light turning on constantly, a non-sensor light will turn on and off when you decide. This can also be handy if you’re a light sleeper and the light is positioned in a way that glare could enter your window.

For interior lights, there are two options in terms of sensor bulbs. There are the motion sensor lights and the dusk to dawn bulbs. Dusk to Dawn bulbs have a sensor that turns it on in darkness and off when the sun is out. The bulb can be used indoors or outdoors and is great for places that need a lot of light. Motion sensor lights are great for light when you need it most. You can get small battery operated ones for keeping in cupboards and wardrobes that light up when you open the door or bigger night lights for lighting up hallways or toilets because no one likes frantically searching for a light switch in the dark and in some cases it can even be dangerous.

So don’t fear the dark SimplyLED are here to help.

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