Garden lighting is becoming more and more popular, and it’s easy to see why. By adding lighting, your garden can become an extension of your house both during the day and at night. Barbecues, parties, outdoor eating; lighting gives you and your family the freedom to enjoy your garden whenever you choose (weather permitting of course!).

Many homes have security lights with PIR motion detectors. These light up when someone passes through the beam, and they protect your home against break-ins and vandalism.  This is the practical side of garden lighting.

But when it comes to design, you can make a real statement using LED lighting.  If your garden is large, highlight trees and shrubs with flood lights. Fitted with high intensity LED light bulbs they’ll provide a bright, energy efficient light and bring life to the dark corners of your garden. Because their electricity consumption is low, you can afford to invest in outdoor lighting without it costing a fortune to run.

It’s important to remember you need lighting suitable for outdoor use, so be sure to check its IP rating. If in doubt, ask your electrician for advice.

If you don’t have the budget for electrical works in your garden, you can still benefit from outdoor lighting using solar powered lights. Solar stake lights are an interesting and adaptable way to light your garden, and because they don’t need any wiring, they are very affordable. Just pop the stake in the ground and you’re away. Use them to highlight pathways and draw the eye towards the end of the garden. Solar stakes work by storing energy in batteries from the sun during the day. At night the LED lights use the energy to produce light.

If you entertain a lot, LED lighting in your garden is a must. Dynamic lighting will add atmosphere to your parties and barbecues. Hang larger lights from trees, and deck your decking with twinkling LED light bulbs. Illuminate your water features and ponds for a romantic aquatic glow. Don’t forget to light your paths. As well as looking stunning, this will help prevent trip and slip accidents, and keep your prize peonies from being trampled underfoot!

Just a few years ago, garden lighting was exclusive to big houses and their wealthy owners. Now garden lighting is affordable to buy and run on even the smallest budget. With effective LED lighting, you really can change your garden into an outdoor ‘living’ room.

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