Back in 2008, the UK’s largest marina complex, Brighton Marina, was lit up by Philips.

The marina is 500,000 sq ft and already hosts a range of retail, leisure and residential development companies and with Philips making the marina more energy efficient, it is hoped to attract more visitors and businesses.

The lighting has been used to successfully highlight the attractions of the marina, giving it a more vibrant atmosphere, as well as making it more safe and secure. A major contributor in making Brighton Marina one of the city’s top attractions with over 8 million visitors a year.

Keeping with the colour of Philips, a mixture of blue and white lights have been used to decorate the marina. To accentuate the MSCP towers and the shopping centre, a combination of Blast Powercore, an LED lighting fixture providing high intensity light and LEDline², a high performance linear grazing light, have been used to highlight them in blue. This was combined with lighting other features such as the palm trees to give the feel of a luxurious resort.

To aid navigation, discreet and durable recessed LED markers have been integrated in to the walkways to provide a soft blue light which improves visibility and creates a sense of safety. Lights have also been used to highlight the benches and railings.

Since the lights were installed, energy usage has been reduced by 45,129kWh and saved 24 tonnes of CO2.  Philips Lighting said:

The investment in LED has been key in creating a sustainable lighting scheme that has truly enhanced the appeal of the destination.

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