There are many environmental benefits to be gained from switching to LED bulbs.  A wide range of LEDs are now available – from strip light LEDs to MR16 LEDs for kitchen spot lights – there is an LED bulb for you.

Less electricity consumed

Throughout the life of an LED bulb, it uses less electricity. This means less CO2 is produced to light the bulb.

No hazardous chemicals

Fluorescent bulbs contain a variety of greenhouse gasses and mercury vapour. This means they require specialised disposal processes. Of course, if a fluorescent bulb is broken, these harmful gasses escape into the atmosphere.

Fewer resources used

As LED bulbs last much longer than incandescent and halogen bulbs, fewer energy and material resources are used over the life span of the LED bulb.

By switching to LED bulbs you will be saving yourself money, and reducing your impact on our planet’s environment.

SimplyLED provide a wide range of environmentally friendly LED bulbs, available from our online store.

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