What is a GU10?

A GU10 is a type of MR (Multifaceted Reflector) bulb. These bulbs produce narrow beams of light. They are lined with reflective material to help produce a more focused beam.

Light where you need it

Because GU10s direct light to one specific area, they are useful when you want to focus light on one point. They are often used in kitchen lighting and in bathrooms.

Kitchen spotlights provide you with a directable source of light and GU10s are ideal for this. Their focused beam means you can illuminate specific areas of your kitchen.

GU10s for decoration

Focused beams are not only practical, they are also useful for feature and accent lighting.

Most bulbs are classed as ‘general illumination’ and have a wide beam angle. They are used to light whole rooms, but this type of lighting isn’t atmospheric. If you want to add some design flair, focused lighting is needed. GU10s are great for this. Because they have a narrow beam angle, they can highlight smaller areas. This gives you a more varied and interesting lighting effect.

The advantages of LED lighting

GU10s were traditionally halogen bulbs, but CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamp) and LED (Light Emitting Diode) versions are now available.

LED lighting gives you the best value for money. They have the longest lifespan and use far less energy than their halogen and incandescent equivalents. This means over time you’ll be spending less.

Start using LED light bulbs and they will have paid for themselves in just 18 months.

Buying LED GU10s is a great way to add LED lighting to your home. Because GU10s have a built in driver, there’s no need for extra equipment. Just pop them in and flick the switch.

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