It is well documented that LED light bulbs have a long life span. But what about their Halogen counterparts? A standard Halogen bulb will only last for around 2000 hours. This is an important thing to remember when your next bulb blows and you are considering making a change to a more energy efficient style of lighting.

The primary attraction of LED light bulbs is the low electricity consumption. A Halogen bulb typically consumes 50 watts of power compared to a typical LED bulb consuming somewhere between 3 – 7 watts of electricity. This decrease in power consumption can help you save over 90% off your lighting bill. However, they can also save you a significant amount of money due to their long life.

For example,

a LED bulb, which has a life span of 50,000 hours, has a 25 x longer life than a normal Halogen, which will last only 2,000.

Therefore you would need to calculate the cost of buying and installing these Halogen bulbs again on 25 occasions to get a true idea of the money you could save. This does not include the inconvenience and cost of having to then go to the shops to buy a replacement bulb and then get the ladders out to change the old bulb!

With rising electricity costs, this calculation is likely to show you that the saving is going to be far higher than the initial purchase price of the LED’s. The major knock on LED’s is the expensive outlay; however once you account for everything it is clear to see that they can pay back sooner than you’d think.

We estimate that based on average lighting use you should ‘break even’ with the initial cost of the LED bulb within 15 months. Once you have recovered the cost of the bulb by the amount of energy saved, you should then have years and years of very low cost lighting ahead of you.

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12 years ago

At one time I didn’t care for LED lighting. I don’t keep the lights on much anyways, so when i do i want it to look good. Early generation LED’s gave off to much blue light which didn’t work for me so i began using halogens. The other day i was at a friends house and we got on the subject of the new lighting legislation so he showed me a new LED bulb which looked great! It had the same look and feel as an incandescent. So once the price goes down a little more I’m SOLD!