A few tips on the best way to achieve the perfect Christmas lighting scheme.

Be original

Christmas lighting doesn’t have to be the traditional white or red, purple and blue can also look great on a Christmas tree. When going for a bold colour use it sparingly to avoid the tree looking tacky. If the traditional look is what you’re going for warm colours such as warm white or red look great on an indoor tree and cooler colours such as cool white and blue can give outdoor trees the Winter Wonderland look.

Use LED light bulbs

LED light bulbs use 75% less energy than their original counterparts, saving you energy and money so there’s no need to limit how often you light up your tree. Also, LED light bulbs do not emit heat which lowers your fire risk*.

Double wrap

Bare outdoor trees look great when completely wrapped in lights as opposed to carefully draped across branches.

Stick to one wrapping pattern

You can wrap your tree any way you want it could be circled around the tree, bottom to top, top to bottom, diagonal etc. What is important though is that any wrapping pattern you choose to use to stick to it. Changing it halfway through or adding a second row of lights in a different wrapping pattern will lead to an odd looking tree and a tangled mess when it comes to taking them off.

Keep your lights straight

Hanging lights can ruin the look you were going for. Keep them in line by using clips or staples.

Think of your focus point

Do you want the baubles to be the centre of attention with the lighting more of a back drop or vice versa. Picking your focal point is key to achieving the look you are going for. To have the lights more stand out you could use them on the outer edge or the branch or even add another set, otherwise you could put them closer to the inside as a backing lighting.

Where else should be lit

You may just be choosing to only light your tree but some people like to add Christmas lights to their staircase, hallway or even a few above their fireplace. You could even use a spotlight for some Christmas decorations. Some people like using Christmas lights on their walls and they work especially well in kid’s bedrooms.

*Though LED light bulbs lessen the risk of fire we do not recommend leaving your lights on when you go to sleep or leave the house.

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