After writing about LED light artist and photographer Darren Pearson, we started looking for other artists using LED lights to create images.

And it turns out there were many more than we had realised. Here are just a few of the artists using the medium of LED lights and using photography skills to create amazing and innovative images.

Andrew Whyte- Light Dome

Andrew Whyte has found a way, which he is keep strictly under lock and key, to create solid looking domes using LED lighting. He is keeping his lips sealed on exactly how he creates these amazing images leaving many people including mathematicians trying to figure out his technique. What he will tell is that he uses LED lights, a camera set for long exposure, and a cable release which allows photos to be taken remotely. Andrews exhibition of his work was shortlisted for Best Exhibition in the The News Guide Awards in November 2010.

Marc Cameron and Mark Brown- Tron Ghost Cars

Inspired by the Disney 2010 movie ‘Tron Legacy’ this duo started creating images of cars in a graffiti fashion using also LED lighting and long exposure cameras. The outcomes are some amazing detailed images of various sport and high end cars. Each photos took up to four hours to shoot and were take at random sites from deserted roads to high streets and paths. They make the perfect image for any one who loves to combine cars and gadgets.

Janne Parviainen- Light Paintings

Janne Parviainen is a light painting photographer, he paints over objects and people to create 3 dimensional images of multi colours. He also uses long exposure camera and LED lights to create the images. He like most other light artists wants to create these new style of images without having to do any post productions edits, the photos are printed straight from how they turn out from the camera.

LED light art is a really exciting new adventure in the art world. It can divide opinions on art and photography, what ever your personal opinion it is clear how much time, and skill it can take to make these amazing pictures. Have a go yourself try using a camera and small led lights to create your own patterns and pictures.

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