LED light bulbs are better than traditional stage lights. This is something lighting technicians around the world are discovering. Whether the venue is the corner of a pub or a vast modern arena seating thousands of people, LED light bulbs are wowing audiences and performers.

The advantages of LED stage lights

LED stage lights have many advantages over traditional lighting systems:

  • LED light bulbs produce trillions of colours. LED stage lights use a combination of primary colours. These are red, green and blue (RGB). They give a stage lighting designer a great deal of choice. If a designer uses a stage light with amber LEDS as well as RGB, the range of colours becomes 281 trillion.
  • LED light bulbs have low power consumption. Theatres and other entertainment venues are commercial concerns. They need to cut overheads. A traditional stage light can use 575 watts. LED equivalents require 100 watts. Lower wattage means reduced electricity bills.
  • LED light bulbs are small, portable and relatively lightweight. LED stage lights are easy to move around. This makes them particularly useful for small venues where it’s necessary to pack them away at the end of a performance.
  • LED light bulbs produce less heat than traditional stage lighting. Heat radiation from traditional stage lighting is uncomfortable for operators and performers. It can also pose a fire hazard. LED light bulbs produce less heat than traditional stage lights giving a better working environment and increased safety.
  • LED light bulbs produce the brightness a stage requires. A stage in a large theatre requires a lot of light. LED light bulbs can provide this. They also use much less power than traditional lighting.
  • LED light bulbs are versatile. They are suitable for all stage lighting applications. Whatever concept a designer has in mind, LED light bulbs can oblige.

LED light bulbs are taking to the stage in a big way. Expect to see them at a local theatre or venue near you very soon.

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