MR16 LED light bulbs are the next generation of LED light bulbs. Over the past decade or so LED technology has come on in leaps and bounds.

Light Emitting Diodes have gone from being expensive, specialist lighting to being affordable, mainstream lighting. Today, LED light bulbs are suitable for home use as well as for use in commercial premises. MR16 LED light bulbs are another big step forward in the evolution of LED light bulbs.

Why Use MR16 LED light bulbs

In most cases, five-watt MR16 LED light bulbs can be used to replace a standard 50w bulb. They give off the same level of light, but consume a lot less power. Rather than consuming 50 watts of electricity, they consume just 5 watts.

Every light that has a LED bulb fitted rather than a standard 50w bulb costs up to 80% less to run. In addition, these LED light bulbs last up to 25 times longer than a standard bulb, so need replacing less frequently. They cost more to buy, but over the life of the bulb actually cost less than any other kind of bulb on the market.

Most people choose to replace all of their bulbs gradually as they wear out. They do not always have the funds available to buy new LED light bulbs for their whole home or business. However, buying an LED bulb multipacks can considerably reduce the cost of replacing bulbs throughout an entire home or business.

The fact that MR16 LED light bulbs last so much longer also makes them a good option for lighting in difficult to reach areas. LED light bulbs run at a different temperature than standard bulbs, which is another reason they are so energy efficient. Less of the energy is given off as heat, so less of it is wasted. It also means that they are ideal for lighting a feature or painting. Because they give off less heat they do far less damage than standard lighting does.

Tips for Buying MR16 LED light bulbs

Try to replace like with like. Look for bulbs that generate similar levels of light to those you already have installed. That way you should not notice any difference. Consider installing task lighting, such as strip lighting rather than standard lighting in some areas, such as your kitchen. LED strip lighting will illuminate the working area more efficiently as well as creating a nicer ambience.

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