SimplyLED today introduces their latest innovation in energy efficient lighting, the NxtGen™ Series III LED spotlight range.

Building on the success of our NxtGen™Series II this new design combines outstanding performance and remarkable economy, all contained in an attractive package that complies fully with the latest EU ErP standards. These lights outperform traditional halogen spotlights while delivering energy savings of up to 90%.

The EU’s Energy related Products (ErP) directive effective from 1st September 2013 lays down standards for all directional spotlight lighting systems that focus on the quality and intensity of light output. Manufacturers now have to state the brightness of a bulb in lumens, as well as the “useful” lumens within a given angle – for a bulb to be described as a spotlight this angle must be less than 90 degrees. By buying bulbs that comply with these standards consumers can be sure that they are getting a good quality unit with a high standard of performance. Unfortunately most current bulbs are not compliant, and there has been resistance from the majority of manufacturers and distributers. We disagree. As an ethical and customer focused company SimplyLED welcomes the new ErP standards as a much needed step forward in consumer protection, and we are fully committed to meeting or exceeding them in every respect. With this in mind the Series III has been engineered to perform at or above all relevant ErP requirements. We believe this benefits everyone and should be the benchmark to aim at.

Designed as a direct replacement for 50W halogen lamp units the GU10 NxtGen™ Series III requires no transformers or LED drivers. All the necessary circuitry is built in to the base, making the unit fully compatible with any fitting that takes a GU10 halogen bulb. Once installed it achieves equal or better performance to a standard 50W halogen bulb while using only 5W of power. For situations where a variable lighting level is needed the GU10 Dimmable is designed to be used with a dimmer switch.

As well as the standard GU10 fitting the NxtGen™ Series III is available in an MR16 model for use within the home and also bathrooms, caravans, boats and other 12 volt applications. There are also E14 and E27 screw fittings as a replacement for incandescent spotlight bulbs.
The total cost of the Series III is reduced even more by its exceptional life. With a working lifespan of 30,000 hours, compared to less than 2,500 hours for a halogen bulb, the NxtGen™ Series III can last up to 30 years in normal use. The cost of replacing light bulbs will be a thing of the past. If you want a measure of our confidence in the durability of the NxtGen™ Series III look no further than the 5 year guarantee we provide.

For the NxtGen™ Series III the colour temperature of the cool white model has been increased to 6,000K. This closely mimics natural daylight and gives a pleasant, clear white light that provides excellent illumination. Total light output is 430 lumens, with 340 lumens of useful light inside an angle of 90 degrees – this comfortably surpasses the performance of most 50W halogen spotlights.

Aesthetically the NxtGen™ Series III improves on older models by introducing an attractive new silver anodised casing which complements any style of light fixture. The casing design also incorporates double insulation, temperature management features to keep the lamp cool and a safety fuse system.

SimplyLED are committed to giving our customers the best in versatile, attractive and efficient lighting products and continually seek to deliver innovative new designs that push back the boundaries of performance and economy. The NxtGen™ Series III range is the latest step in this journey and we’re confident it will redefine standards in the spotlighting market.

Key Features

  • Compliant with new ErP legislation
  • Up to 90% reduction in power usage compared to equivalent halogen lamps
  • Exceptional 30,000+ hour service life
  • Available in warm white (3,000K) or cool white (6,000K) models
  • Fits all common spotlight fittings – GU10, MR16, E14 and E27
  • Drop in replacement – no additional fittings or electrical work required
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