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Debate over change in lights

After the City of Lethbridge changed their streetlights to energy efficient LEDs, a lot of residents didn’t agree with the change. Some...

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Gloucestershire Could Save Millions with LEDs

Gloucestershire Council is expected to make millions through LED street lighting. A discussion has begun on whether the council should convert to...

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Glasgow’s Arena is lit up for the Commonwealth Games

The SSE Hydro Arena in Glasgow has been given a makeover. According to Pollstar, the arena is the fourth most popular venue...

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Airports, Hospitals and Supermarkets going LED

Households could be paying for LED lighting in supermarkets, airports and hospitals. This is part of an attempt by the energy department...

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LEDs for the Garden

The American Society of Landscape Architects released results of its 2014 Residential Landscape Architecture Trends Survey. The results showed that, not surprisingly,...

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SimplyLED Partner with Integral LED, here’s why…

SimplyLED have recently partnered with Integral LED and now bring their superb range of new LED bulbs to the public..

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How LEDs helped make a Mercedes-Benz car ‘invisible’

When engineers and scientists want an ingenious and flexible lighting solution, they turn to LEDs. But they are not the only ones...

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