A security bulb has received investments of $40,000 after one day on Kickstarter.

The BeON Burglar Deterrent looks like an ordinary Edison Screw LED bulb but has built in functions that will protect your home by preventing burglaries. The light is currently designed with the purpose of making it look like you’re home when you’re not, deterring any burglars lurking around your property. Using an app on your phone you can record your usual lighting patterns and set it to mimic it to make it look like you’re walking around your house. It can also hear the doorbell, so if someone rings it a sequence of lights will come on to make it look you’re on your way to answer the door. Though this is it’s main purpose it has many other safety features.

It’s safety features are things such as turning the lights to full power if they detect the fire alarm going off, remaining on for a short while when there’s a power outage and will gradually turn off when you flick the switch to make sure you’ve safely left. As an added bonus when the bulb is dimming after you’ve switched it off, if you flick the switch again it will remain at that light level – meaning there’s no need for a dimmer switch.

Co-founder and CEO of BeON, Alexa Erchak, said:

The primary reason we’re on Kickstarter, instead of opening our own store or something, is the feedback…both on Kickstarter and via emails. It’s very surprising how well our message was received.

The company are also planning to add sound to the bulbs. Erchak added:

If someone rings your doorbell, imagine your dog barking or imagine a shotgun cocking.

All images belong to BeON.

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