The Green deal is a fantastic new scheme, which allows you to make your home more energy efficient without occurring massive upfront fees.

It is a government initiative, which works with registered Green Deal companies and provides services such as solar panels, or cavity wall insulation to make homes and businesses more energy efficient.

How does it work?

As a home or business owner, you first need to contact an installer who is registered with the Green Deal who can then come and survey your home. The surveyor will create a report for you containing information on how well your home is performing and what improvements can be made. If the energy savings you will make outweigh the cost of the improvements, you will be granted a Green Deal loan and the work will be carried out. You then pay off the loan gradually through your electricity bills. The payments stay with the house so if you move the new house owners will take over making the payments. If a landlord has the work carried out it is the bill payers who make the payments, so if the tenants pay the electricity bills, they pay off the Green Deal loan.

What’s the advantage

The scheme allows your home to reach its optimum potential for energy savings, which in turn will not only make your house more efficient but will save you money on your heating and electricity bills. The aim is to encourage old, inefficient homes to become greener with no upfront cost to the home owner/ bill payer. Better still, once the loans are paid (which you’ll barely notice) The savings are yours to keep!

How Do I Find a Registered Installer

To find a registered installer, check with Department of Energy and Climate Change who will help advise you and find a local installer. If you find an installer without the help of this department, check if they have the Green Deal Approved mark. This will show you if the company can complete the work as part of the scheme. For more information contact the Energy Saving Advice Service on 0300 123 1234.

How do I become a Registered Installer

If your company is interested in becoming a registered installer, assessor or finance provider for the Green Deal you first need to apply.  You will need to contact a certification body to find out how to be a Green Deal assessor or installer. To become a finance provider follow this link for more information.

The Green Deal is a great scheme which will hopefully allow many more homes and businesses to become energy efficient, without having to worry about the initial financial outlay. This means less energy being consumed, lower energy bills for consumers and ultimately a large positive impact on the environment. We would love to hear if you have become involved in the Green Deal and how it is working for you. Comment below to tell us you experiences. Alternatively, get in touch through our social networks: Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

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