When an architect designs a new building, light is a major consideration. Whether the building is a modest home or a multi-million pound structure, attention to windows and lighting systems are vital. And for the latter, LED light bulbs are providing new creative options.

Condé Nast Cafeteria, New York

The Condé Nast Cafeteria at 4 Times Square, New York, has luminous walls and ceilings. The LED light bulbs behind these surfaces create an ever-changing and colourful light display.

The café’s design and LED lighting received a New York State Award of Merit in 2007. Customers also say the food is good!

Agbar Tower, Barcelona

Built in 2004 and standing 142 metres high, the Agbar Tower is at Av. Diagonal, 211, Barcelona. In the evenings, people gather around the tower to witness its LED lighting displays.

The displays rely on 4,500 LED lights. The LED light bulbs illuminate the floors of the building in an array of colours controlled by a computer.

Peru National Stadium, Lima

A London architecture and lighting design firm, working with international partners, has produced interactive LED lighting for the Peru National Stadium at Lima.

Microphones pick up the various noises and chants of the crowds. Computer software translates these audio signals into so-called “mood states” for an LED lighting controller. This creates light patterns from the LED light bulbs around the stadium.

LED light bulbs respond instantly to changes from computer programmes. The bulbs last for tens of thousand of hours. And because LED light bulbs are inexpensive to run, lighting displays cost a fraction of equivalent incandescent bulbs.

As a result, LED light bulbs are expanding the opportunities for architects to use light. You can expect to see many more LED lighting projects in and around new buildings in years to come.

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Rich Ronson
Rich Ronson
12 years ago

That looks like an amazing piece of creativity and the LED lighting really brings it to life!