If you go to the gym regularly, you’ll know how hard some sessions can be. Perhaps you’ve had a long day at the office and can only manage a few minutes on the treadmill. Now imagine you could last ten times as long while using a fraction of the energy. Sounds unlikely? For human beings it might be, but those are the benefits of LED lights – which means it is only a matter of time before more health clubs begin switching to LED light bulbs.

Whether you prefer weights, a rowing machine or an exercise bike, a comfortable environment is essential if you’re to reach peak physical condition. Advanced LED systems have the ability to change colour to suit your mood or activity – perfect for both high-energy workouts and restorative yoga sessions. As they are solid state components, LED light bulbs are resistant to external shock and difficult to damage. They can withstand the bumps and bruises of the most physical boxercise session!

LED light bulbs do not emit heat and are ideal for the gym, where people need a cool temperature to be maintained at all times. No one wants to sweat more than they have to – unless, of course, they are using a sauna or steam room – and there are even LED light bulbs suitable for these conditions! LED fire-rated downlights can be fitted into a tiled ceiling to give a health club steam room a relaxing ambience, without compromising on safety.

A few lengths of the swimming pool can be a great way to wind down after a heavy bout of exercise. And swimming is hard to beat as a form of exercise in itself! LED light bulbs can be used underwater, and the wide spectrum of colours produces an impressive spectacle. They can make an aqua aerobics session feel like an Olympic event!

The owners of Gold’s Gym in London, Ontario, chose to use LED light bulbs for their main source of light throughout the club – in the reception, the main fitness area and the pool area. No doubt health clubs across the country will soon be following their example, reducing their energy bills and maintenance costs in the process. Keeping fit and being kind to the environment at the same time – health clubs and LED light bulbs really are a perfect match!

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