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Rylan’s Super Bright X Factor Striplight Suit

Rylan Clark; a name that split the nation between lovers and haters for 8 weeks. 2012 X Factor contestant Rylan Clark sadly...

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The Shiroyone Senmaida Rice Paddies Sparkle with LEDs

When you think of the Japanese rice paddie fields, what comes to mind? Is it the vast expanse of land, or the...

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LED lighting continues progress in Scandinavia

LED lighting is a common feature of Scandinavian life. The Danish government’s ambition to make Denmark a world-leading technological society is encouraging...

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LED lights open up new possibilities for architecture

Lighting has always been an important aspect of architecture. Early examples are the torches and oil lamps used in the buildings of...

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The importance of LED lighting in the USA

The USA takes LED lighting seriously. The federal government regards the widespread use of LEDs as a way of saving energy, cutting...

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