Rylan Clark; a name that split the nation between lovers and haters for 8 weeks.

2012 X Factor contestant Rylan Clark sadly left the X Factor on week 8, after surviving numerous sing offs and making his mark with his camp and vibrant performances. Yet did you all see his amazing suit in week 7 whilst singing a medley of Duran Duran and Bros songs?

Rylan – X Factor Week 7

The psychedelic suit, perfect for the Duran Duran/Bros medley, took us straight back to the eighties. With high, futuristic shoulder pads and shiny white fabric, the suit flashed memories of the eighties jumpsuits. Yet the addition of the LED strip lights brought the outfit into the 21st century. Set on a dimly lit stage with dancers wearing crash helmets displaying “Girls On Film- Rylan” using LED displays, the LED strip light had its shining moment. Outlining the 6 ft 4 singer, the multi coloured strip light attached to the suit moved with Rylan as he danced his way through the routine.

The LED strip light worked so well for this performance due to the qualities of the strip light. The light weight and flexibility offered by the strip meant it didn’t effect Rylan’s movement as he performed a tricky routine using treadmills. LED light bulbs also produce very little heat so despite being attached to fabric, there was no fire risk. Not to mention the multiple colours and bright light output of the strip light meant it stood out and was more reliable than glowsticks or a UV based fabric or paint, had they been used instead.

The designers on X Factor created this outfit by placing the self adhesive strip onto the suit and attaching the strips to 12v batteries. It is a simple trick to create a truly individual outfit. The battery packs are easily concealed and could be tucked into the outfit without messy wires hanging out.

The outfit got us thinking about what else LED strip lights could be be used for? Could we soon see the introduction of LED light bulbs on the sides of glasses or on shoes? The possibilities are endless! So keep your eyes out for any other unusual uses of LED strip lights.

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