You may have thought that LED strip lighting was just used for domestic use. This is simply not the case with the new craze of LED lighting roller-skating.

Watch this video and be impressed with the amazing effect that LED strip lights can give you if attached to your roller skates whilst having fun with your friends.

The modern design concept of roller-skating was created by American inventor James Plimpton, in 1863. Plimpton’s skates had a pair of wheels positioned under the ball of the foot and a pair under the heel.  This design became known as the ‘rocker skate’, which allowed people to easily change direction and steer by leaning left or right. This also allowed skaters to turn and skate in different directions with great ease.  This design and configuration gave birth to the modern concept of four-wheeled roller-skating.

Thanks to advancements in LED lighting technology it is now possible to combine LED lighting with Plimpton’s design to become the envy of all your friends on the roller rink.

By attaching LED strip lighting under your roller skates you are able to achieve a multi colour changing, energy efficient effect.  Roller-skating is a great way to get fit and stay in shape, however with the ability to personalise your skates with your own unique colours it is now possible to express your personality with the help of LED lighting. LED lighting is a wise choice as they feature no loose components meaning that they are more durable than traditional halogen bulbs. In the unlikely event of an LED breaking they pose no threat to you or the environment, as they contain no heavy metals or toxic chemicals, unlike halogen bulbs, which release mercury once broken.

The governing body of roller-skating is The Roller Skating Rink Operators Association which was established in the United States in 1937 but is now known as The Roller Skating Association. Roller-skating can provide a complete aerobic workout, which can result to the burning of 350 calories per hour, according to the association.

LED Strip lighting is also fantastic for commercial use for example in a roller rink. The LED Strip Lighting can be used by venues to create many different lighting effects from strobe to flash from fade to smooth. LED Strip Lighting can also be used by DJ’S to enhance the performance set, if used in a roller rink with existing LED Strip Lights the two can work in harmony to give the roller skaters both a fantastic visual and audio display.

Customers who purchase LED lights can also anticipate a life expectancy of between 30,000 to 50,000 hours compared to 1,000 with traditional halogen bulbs. This will add confidence to commercial users as well as customers looking to incorporate LED light bulbs to their roller skates.

The fun you can have with LED strip lighting does not stop here they look great in bars and clubs to create an illuminating setting or as feature lighting. A LED Flexible RGB strip light kit features ninety of the highest power SMD LED’S and a top quality 3m self-adhesive backing to make fitting to anything from roller skates to the home and commercial use as easy as possible.

Each strip consumes 3.6watts of electricity whilst delivering a fantastic array of light. RGB kits can produce fifteen plus colours with a mixture of lighting effects such as, flash, strobe, fade and smooth.

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