With the phasing-out of inefficient incandescent light bulbs now well underway, LED lighting is becoming the first choice for a growing number of consumers. If you are keen to embrace this energy efficient, long lasting, environmentally friendly lighting choice, you should know LED spotlights are not the only option. LED strip lights are a versatile and user-friendly solution for a range of domestic and commercial settings.

The two main types of LED strips are single colour and RGB (red, green and blue) colour changing. Most people go for single colour LED strip lighting in their homes to illuminate cupboards, display cabinets and wardrobes. The colour changing strips are perfect if you want to create a funkier atmosphere, such as for a party.

You can even take the celebrations outside: waterproof and shock-resistant colour changing LED light bulbs are available specifically for outdoor use. Attach them to decking or walls to transform your outside space into a disco! With the use of a remote control, a range of colours, and effects (such as flashing and strobe lights) can be achieved.

Both single colour and colour changing strips can be cut to the desired size and used individually or in a series to make a long continuous run. Flexible strips allow you to accommodate corners or tricky areas, ensuring everything fits together smoothly. As with all light installations, we recommend using a suitably qualified lighting contractor for this job.

LED strip lights have several advantages over other types of lights. LED strips last for around 50,000 hours, approximately twice as long as most types of fluorescent lighting. You can find further comparisons between LED light bulbs and other types of lighting here. LED lights are extremely energy efficient, losing no more than 20 percent of their energy to heat (compare this to an incandescent bulb sacrificing a whopping 80 percent of its energy to heat loss). Using LED light bulbs will result in lower electricity bills, as far less energy is used to produce the light. With none of the toxins contained in incandescent bulbs and CFLs, LEDS are undoubtedly an environmentally friendly lighting choice. More information on the benefits of LED light bulbs can be found here.

So whether you want to replace that old halogen bulb in your kitchen cupboard or give your patio a complete makeover for an evening soiree, you really can’t go wrong with LED strip lighting.

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12 years ago

Good to see that there is given advice on LED lights. LED lights are so much better for the environment, so everybody should use this sort of lighting!

LED light
LED light
12 years ago

LED’s are lights of the future…they are a more efficient and economic solution to all the lighting problems…

Chris Kenyon
Chris Kenyon
9 years ago

Is it possible to join together more than one of the 5m LED strips? If so, what is the maximum number of strips that can be joined together? 10m? 15m? etc.