LED light bulbs are leading the way for lighting technology. As they develop, LED light bulbs are becoming more energy efficient and cost effective. But their development isn’t just practical. LED light bulbs are also being used to create different, interesting and exciting lighting features.  One of the most innovative and versatile developments are LED strip lights. These are thin, flexible strips of LED light bulbs. Their flexibility means they don’t have to be used in straight lines.  LED strips bend, so can follow contoured surfaces smoothly and evenly. Try doing that with a fluorescent tube!  Their self-adhesive backs mean they can be applied just about anywhere to any type of surface.

Strip LED light bulbs are narrow, so fit easily in small spaces. At around 8mm wide and 2mm thick, you can pop them into the smallest places. LED strips can be cut to size and can even be joined together when you need a longer stretch of light. With a little imagination and flair – the sky’s the limit with LED strips.

These flexible LED strip lights are perfect for today’s sleek, modern kitchens. Because they are thin, LED strips can emphasise your worktops, under wall units and, if you have glass fronted cupboards, why not illuminate the shelves with them?

LED lights are perfect for bathrooms.  Because they’re waterproof, you don’t have the same safety problems as you would with incandescent or fluorescent lighting.  They are safe near water, but don’t forget before starting any electrical installation, you should always take the advice of a suitably qualified electrician.

LED strips aren’t just for the home. Imagine the effects you could create using LED strip lighting in a hotel, bar, or even a nightclub.  Colour changing LED light bulbs strips will add atmosphere and warmth.  Add colour changers and you can create your own personal light shows to entertain your customers!

LED strip lights really are the lighting of the future.  Give your imagination free reign and see how you can use them.

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[…] can be cut to the desired size and used individually or in a series to make a long continuous run. Flexible strips allow you to accommodate corners or tricky areas, ensuring everything fits together smoothly. As […]