When you think of the Japanese rice paddie fields, what comes to mind? Is it the vast expanse of land, or the workers busy on the fields?

I can bet though it isn’t seeing a field of 20,000 pink LED light bulbs? Well at the rice paddies of the Shiroyone Senmaida that is exactly what you will see.

Across the terraced fields 20,000 LED lights have been set bordering each paddie in the fields. Set against the backdrop of the ocean the twinkling pink lights are a spectacular view. It is no surprise that the Shiroyone Senmaida rice paddies now feature in the Guinness Book of World Records for all to see this unique view. They are also registered as Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems (GIAHS) as of last year highlighting its importance to local agriculture.

The terraced fields are located on the Noto Peninsula. The area is rich with biodiversity and is an essential habitat and breeding ground for many organisms. Traditional farming methods are used here to preserve the land and life style, such as drying rice sheaves on wooden stilts; in the area communities work together to continue these traditions.

The fields already create stunning scenery with the stepped field looking into the horizon of the ocean, yet the 20,000 LED lights create a breath taking view. The use of the modern LED technology creates a beautiful harmonious hybrid of traditional, historical landscape and farming with stunning modern design. Yet the modern technology does not detract from tradition. The LED light bulbs highlight to the rest of the world the hard work and commitment of local communities to continue the traditional methods used in these rice fields.

If you like this idea and want to re-create it yourself here are a few simple ways you can use LED lighting.

  • Place colour LED’s in IP65 rated fittings around the edge of plant beds in your garden. This will look great at anytime of the year, great for summer evenings spent in the garden, or looking out onto the garden on those colder evenings.
  • Create this effect indoors by placing LED Strip lights around coffee tables or TVs, giving a burst of colour to any room.

The Shiroyone Senmaida Rice Paddies have shown the world how beautiful yet functional a historical area such as this can be. It has also shown the possibilities in the applications of LED light bulbs. LED’s are becoming more popular in the design of landscapes and architecture, with more people seeing the benefits of using LED technology with its incredible versatility yet functional designs. In the future, keep a look out for other places where LED light bulbs may have been used to enhance a design and what the LED light bulbs bring to the design.

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