Your dining room has to work hard. It needs to fill you with energy at breakfast time. It needs to feel fresh and spacious for lunch, and warm and intimate for dinner. How you light your dining room has a big effect on how it looks and feels. LED light bulbs are an adaptable and energy efficient source of light, and perfect to meet the varied demands of your dining room.

Your choice of bulb colour will be dictated by your dining room design. Cool coloured lighting makes your dining room feel refreshing and energetic and is perfect for a contemporary minimal look. Warm LED light bulbs will give you a softer light and a cosier atmosphere if you are planning a more traditional design. LED light bulbs are available in both cool white and warm white.

Spotlights are a fantastic way to add space to your dining room. They create a dynamic light which makes a room feel larger. Spotlights also help with the practical needs of your dining room too. They create focused light which can be repositioned to where it’s most needed. Dining room lighting must be adaptable and spotlights can create many moods. They will give you a controllable level of lighting, whatever the occasion.

Pendant lights hang low and are often used over dining tables. If you want a ritzy look, investigate chandeliers. They add a real touch of class!  If you have space in your dining room, add a table lamp or two.

With the trend for open-plan living, more people now have kitchen diners than ever before.  You will need to take into account the lighting in your kitchen area when planning your dining lighting. Depending on the space available, a pendant light suspended over the table might be the obvious choice here too.

Think about dimmable LED light bulbs to create a more intimate atmosphere, but remember people eat with their eyes, so make sure there is enough light to see the food you’ve so lovingly prepared!

If you have glass fronted kitchen cupboards to display wine glasses or china, LED strip lighting is a must. Glass, in particular crystal, reflects light beautifully and LED light bulbs will turn an ordinary cupboard into an eye-catching feature.

LED light bulbs are now available for use with most light fittings. They will meet the changing needs of your home, and are the perfect way to create a real dining experience.

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Swanky Rooms
Swanky Rooms
12 years ago

Great post – it’s so important to get the lighting right in your dining room, especially if you have spent a lot of time choosing your dining room furniture. It’s important to think about the mood you want to create and to also plan ahead if your dining room is multifunctional.