Rooms with large windows need very little daytime lighting. Natural light will flood the room, making it bright and airy, even in the middle of winter. But after dusk, your lighting will come into its own and rooms with large picture windows give you some great opportunities. 

One of the world’s most famous rooms with large windows is the Oval Office in the White House. Of course, few people can aspire to that sort of grandeur, so how do you make the most of your room with a view?

First of all, think LED. Although you won’t be spending much on running your lighting during the day, LED light bulbs will save money on your evening lighting. If you favour a modern style, try LED track lighting in front of the window. The lights can be individually positioned to light up the darker areas of the room. Track lighting comes in different lengths – the longer the track, the more spotlights. Inset spots work well too, but be sure to invest in fire rated downlights for protection.

Spotlights used to have a reputation for being expensive to run and the bulbs were notorious for their short lives. Fitting track lighting or spotlights with LED light bulbs makes them really economical, and the long life expectancy eliminates all that tiresome bulb changing – critical when you have to reach up to ceiling height!

Many older traditional style homes have large bay windows. Table lamps or floor standing lamps add to traditional charm and can be moved around if light is needed elsewhere. Choose warm white LED light bulbs to complement a traditional design.  They add romance and warmth to the atmosphere.

Many modern builds today feature huge glazed windows – or even glass walls, helping merge the “outdoors with indoors.” Eco-friendly triple or even quadruple glazing means heat loss isn’t compromised for the sake of design. If you are undertaking this sort of construction, particularly an eco-build, be sure to use SGU10 light fittings. These can only be used with low-energy bulbs such as LED light bulbs to preserve the integrity of the build.

Large windows do have one disadvantage which you might need to consider when planning your room. Furniture and soft furnishings are more likely to fade with prolonged exposure to the sun. If this is going to cause you a problem, investigate the new range of eco-glass. This eliminates the UV rays, without the darkening effect of tinted glass. And as an added bonus – it is self cleaning! Between self-cleaning windows and LED light bulbs which last for years, going green really is the way forward!

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