LED spotlights have many uses. Their bright crisp light and low energy consumption makes them the perfect choice for almost any situation. Take a look at these ideas below to see what you could do with an LED spotlight!

Cooking up a storm

Using spotlights in the kitchen can enhance your room tremendously. By placing spotlights above an island in the kitchen you create a central focus. Placing food under a spotlight is bound to make the plainest of meals appear striking and interesting; this is a great way to get your kids to try new food. My personal favourite are fruit kebabs and mango hedgehogs. The combination of good food and great lighting is simply irresistible.


Many people say the bathroom and kitchen are houses key features, so how can you make your bathroom stand out? The answer, you’ve guessed it: spotlights! By using LED spotlights in the bathroom you can create a modern and clean lighting effect whilst having your lights neatly tucked away in the ceiling. Having IP65 fittings will mean they are suitably dust/waterproof and completely safe to use in a bathroom. Their bright light gives you a fresh looking bathroom, while their long lifespan of 30,000 hours means you do not have to worry about regular fiddly bulb changes. The LED’s will give your bathroom a fresh modern look, leaving a room you are proud of.

Bringing the outside in!

Some say the garden is the extension of your home, so the same care should be taken decorating your garden as inside your home. One way to do this is to use coloured lighting in the garden, RGB coloured spotlights can create a striking look in the garden. Use coloured LED’s to light your best tubs and plants with a complimentary coloured light, showing off your plants in their best light. Alternatively light rock features or ponds with LED spotlights to create a dramatic effect. If you have a small courtyard garden you can light fence panels or walls to create a great effect leaving you a space you can’t wait to spend time in. Add patio furniture and heaters to leave a space that is functional at all times.

Interior decoration

Art galleries and museums always have a air of sophistication and elegance with their well lit items drawing your attention in. If you want to create this atmosphere at home its easy to do with LED spotlights. Attach LED spotlights above your artwork or pictures, to create this effect of the art galleries. You can make this idea work with almost any thing in the home you want to show off and highlight such as a decorative cabinet or even above your TV cabinet to create a focal point in a room. For a softer look choose a dimmable bulb and set the light level to your preference. Creating the art gallery effect at home.

Lighting fish tank

We know how much owners love their pets and want to make the most of them, so bring a splash of colour to your fish tank to make the most of your fish. Fix an RGB LED Spotlight above the tank to add coloured tones to the entire tank, giving the water a coloured effect. Alternatively use a cool white spotlight above the tank to show the crystal clear water, colorful fish and surroundings in their best light. The crisp white light will bring out the natural colours of the fish and decorative items in the tank. The advantage of using an LED light over a traditional light is that the LED has a much lower power consumption. The power consumption of a 5W LED bulb versus and 50W Halogen means you will save considerable amounts of money on your bills. Leaving you more money for yellow scuba diver toys and bubble treasure chests.

Shop Window

What is it when you walk past that shop and feel you have to have that coat? The likelihood is its been carefully lit to make the colours seem brighter and the cut of the clothing sharper. LED Spotlights are perfect for this, giving a clear bright light out put which, in turn makes your shop window stand out from the others. Shops also choose LED spotlights as the long life span of each bulb means they don’t have to frequently go through costly, fiddly and disruptive bulb changes. This ultimately means that customers will enjoy a better shopping experience and the shop owner isn’t worrying about spending more money on replacing lighting.

Dinner for two

Don’t you love sitting in a romantic dimly lit restaurant when suddenly the light above you goes out and you are plunged into darkness mid meal?  No? Well with LED spotlights this is a thing of the past. The lifespan of the LED light bulbs ensure you will have a consistently lit dinner without moving from table to table trying to read your menu. The heat distribution from LED’s means also you won’t have the uncomfortable heat from the light beaming onto your head as LED’s stay cool. LED’s have a massive advantage to restaurants where their lighting is on for a the majority of the day having to rarely change the bulbs and the lowered power consumption restaurants can shave massive amount of their costs. This means more money can be spent on improved menus and other décor in the restaurant.

Kids Room

Ever hear that dreaded noise from upstairs? The extra loud thump or smash from your children’s rooms? Kids like to make the most of their space to play in, and forget about breakables in the room. By using LED spotlights you can relax without the worry of your darling angels knocking off lampshades or smashing light bulbs while playing airplanes or indoor Frisbee! LED spotlights fit neatly into their ceiling and are nearly impossible to break. An additional benefit given your kids may often “forget” to turn their bedroom light off, is the considerably reduced power consumption in comparison to your current incandescent bulbs. This will save your worries… and your pennies too.

Eiffel Tower

On a larger scale, you may not have realized but LED spotlights have been used to light up some of the worlds best tourist spots. For example; for the Eiffel Towers 120th anniversary, 400 LED lights lit up the tower. Showering the tower in illumination in front of hundreds of spectators. You can recreate this in your own home; try placing LED spotlights at the base of the living room or bedroom wall to create an up-light effect. Creating a dramatic effect in your home and making the most of a plain wall.

Hopefully this has given you a few ideas what you could do with LED spotlights. Why not give them a go yourself and see what else you could do!

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