A typical games room used to contain little more than a darts board, a table football machine and a few board games. These days they’re more high-tech, with most games rooms having at least one games console. And whether you’re an Xbox, Nintendo or PlayStation fan, you need a modern lighting solution to match your modern games room. We’re all trying to be more green these days, so what could be more contemporary than energy-efficient LED light bulbs?

The right lighting is crucial in a games room. To play any game well, you need good visibility. Snooker and pool, for example, are traditionally lit from above with strip lights or a series of hanging lamps. But now you can use fire-rated downlights instead – they’re tidier and you won’t have to mind your head after each shot!

When planning your games room, you need to consider each game and light it accordingly. For instance, a poker night requires a spotlight over the table, leaving the rest of the room in darkness. This creates the perfect dingy pub atmosphere. Independent lighting is needed for each activity to provide flexibility so different games can be enjoyed simultaneously.

For further control over the lighting, install an LED dimmer. You can then choose the lighting level to suit different times of the day. You may start a gaming marathon on your PS3 in the afternoon when there’s plenty of natural light. But before you know it, many hours will have passed and you’ll be playing in the dark. The glare of the TV could harm your eyesight, so the adjustable light of a dimmer would be invaluable here.

Finally, why not get creative and add some funky LED light bulbs just for decoration? It’s a playroom after all, so be playful! Throw a gaming party – it will give you a great excuse to go all out with the lighting! String up some fairy lights on the walls, preferably flashing ones. Add LED strip lights around the perimeter of your pool table. Maybe even showcase your collection of board games with some accent lighting. With LED light bulbs, the possibilities are endless, and lighting your games room can be so much fun it can almost be classed as a game in itself!

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