Classic video games such as Atari, Pac man and Asteroids often induce a certain type of nostalgia.

Remembering the days before video games featured HD graphics and the only way to play with a friend on them was two controllers, not linking via the web talking through headsets. Well several technicians and designers are bringing back some of classics, but on a mega scale. They are creating some of these classic video games  and screening them on the sides of skyscrapers and buildings, using LED lights to illuminate the screen.

The much loved game, where moving paddles bounced the ball across the screen until one side missed, has been bought back in Philadelphia. The simple yet highly competitive (and addictive) game has been recreated on the side of a 29 story sky scraper. Computer scientists Frank Lee and his team from Drexel University, used LED lights lining the side of the building in Philadelphia to create the games. The LED light bulbs are linked up to control game panels, housed in the close by Philadelphia Museum of Art, where the public can play the interactive King Kong sized game. Using the LED lights meant that the scientists could control each light individually using special codes and sequences making this interactive game possible.

The infuriatingly addictive game has been super-sized by artist ‘Filthy Luke’. He created the mammoth version of the game on the side of Manchester’s Town Hall. Although not a true version of the game with no moving parts it has still been attracting quite a lot of curiosity. He used road barriers, traffic cone and other street furniture to create the piece. He used LED light bulbs lights throughout the piece so when a passer by presses the button the whole game illuminates and comes to life. It attracted some criticism but we love the idea!

LED light bulbs were the chosen light source for these outdoor mega sized games for various reasons. They are small and easy to design into unusual shapes, they are bright so can easily be seen even from a distance. LED light bulbs can be made to almost any colour, and their low power consumptions means even on a large installation, using hundreds of bulbs they will not use anywhere near the amount of power as other lighting sources.

You could try creating your own LED game or installation using products such as the LED RGB Remote Control Flexible Strip Light. Use the remote to control the colours and the flexible strip can bend to the shapes you want. Or use one of our Colour changing LED light bulbs to create an unusual installation based on your favourite game.

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