The uses for a child’s bedroom are as broad as their imagination. Whether it’s a jungle or a princesses’ palace, your child’s room should be fun and practical. Lighting is a big part of the design, and advances in technology mean creating interesting lighting is easy and affordable.  

LED light bulbs (Light Emitting Diodes) come in many shapes and sizes, and there’s plenty of choice. Racing car beds are always popular with boys, so why not add working lights to the front? LED light bulbs make this safe and cost-effective. LED fairy lights will transform a little girl’s bed into one fit for a princess.

Children want to have fun!  So make sure their bedroom design is colourful and bright, with lots of room to play. Your children will love the opportunity to personalise their space, and will love to contribute to the design. There are lots of ways for them to help. Why not create your own lampshades? You’ll get lighting which is unique and interesting, as well great value. To stay safe, use LED light bulbs for your lampshades. They stay cool so your lighting won’t create a fire hazard.

Working and sleeping won’t be popular with your children, so you’ll have to take over when it comes to practical needs. LED spotlights give focussed light so reading and writing are easy. Desk lamps provide a soft, warm light when you need to quieten the atmosphere. For younger children, night lights add a feeling of security. LED light bulbs are best for night lights. They are energy efficient, so you don’t have to worry about the cost of leaving lights on.

LED light bulbs let you design a room which is creative and fun, as well as practical and safe. They give you and your family the freedom to let your imaginations loose, so you can create the bedroom your children have always wanted.

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12 years ago

Good idea.Keep it up..Looking forward to seeing more of your posts.

wess gargeoham
wess gargeoham
12 years ago

Very interesting post, again!

Keep it up..Looking forward to the next post.