Incandescent bulbs are being phased out due to their inefficiency and high power consumption, but the question is what will we replace them with?

The obvious option is LED lighting, it can be more than just a way to save energy. Admittedly one of the main attractions to purchasing LED lighting is the energy and money savings that are made. Saving energy doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style or light quality though; LED light bulbs can now offer both practical and decorative lighting.


Having good quality, reliable lighting can make any room much more functional and inviting. Practical lighting in your home may be over head lighting for example, or spotlights which give your room a good even cover of light which will allow you to make the most of the room any time of the day. However, just because they are practical doesn’t mean they can’t add aesthetically to the room. Using spotlights such as our GU10 NxtGen Series II, can create a dramatic modern effect without loosing any quality of light. Or for a more traditional style of lighting look to swap your current bayonet cap incandescent, for a low energy B22 Classic LED bulb. It will still give out the same light as your current 60 watt incandescent but it gives a crisper, fresher looking light.


Just because lighting is decorative it doesn’t mean you have to loose any functionality. LED light bulbs open the possibility to various decorative types of lighting. From Crystal Cut LED light bulbs for your chandelier, to Remote Control Colour Changing LED light bulbs made in almost every type of fitting, you can change the colour and mood of the room from one touch of a button on the remote. The LED chips which illuminate to give the light are very small, very light and use very little energy. This means LED light bulbs can be put into almost any application. Here are a few ideas for how you can use LED lights to enhance and decorate your rooms.

Strip Lights- Strip Lights are a great way to decorate your room. They are flexible allowing you to go around almost any shape. They are small (approx 15mm wide), self adhesive and can output either white light or multi-coloured light, controlled via the remote control. They can enhance a particular area of your room or give a low ambient lighting.

Spot Lights-Use a Spot Light with narrow a narrow beam angle, directed towards the wall. This will create a dramatic effect in any room. They could be used to highlight under a cabinet in a kitchen or even to pick out your favourite picture or painting. Opt for a Spot Light with a beam angle of around 40˚ or less to gain this effect. Try using a bulb such as our GU10 3×1 watt LED bulb, selecting warm white for a homely feel, or choose cool white for a modern fresh look.

These are just a few ways you can use LED light bulbs in your home, LED light bulbs not only provide you massive energy and cost savings with their low power consumptions and long lifespan, but they can add much to the aesthetics of any room. So next time you are redecorating your living room or replacing your kitchen give your lighting a thought and see how you can use LED light bulbs.

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