Your bedroom is your personal space and should reflect your character and needs. Your first consideration when choosing LED lighting should be how you can create the right mood.

Subdued lighting will help you wind down at the end of a long day. Wall lights or bedhead lights can be used to create atmosphere. If you like to read in bed, consider swing-arm wall lamps as an alternative to traditional bedside lights. These offer a more pleasurable reading experience and prevent eye strain, and provide a focused light source which can be directed away from a sleeping partner.

Recessed lighting is a stylish and effective solution if one part of your bedroom needs to be lit. Well-positioned downlights ensure someone can work at a computer perhaps, without adversely affecting the ambience in the rest of the room. Lights should also be carefully positioned for the dressing table area.

Wall lights either side of your mirror will mean no shadows are cast on your face – essential for applying  make-up easily.

Coloured lighting is a great way to evoke moods and emotions. Red light is associated with love and passion, while green light can be soothing and restful. If a particular colour has certain associations for you, don’t be afraid to use it – the bedroom is your space, after all!

The bedroom is the perfect place to express yourself, and there are many ways to use LED lighting to create a bold contemporary look. If you are feeling adventurous, consider LED neon lights or fairy lights. Feature lighting can be used to emphasise a favourite family portrait, while floor lamps provide contrast and create balance and warmth.

While the right mood in the bedroom is important, practicality is a crucial consideration too. Strong lighting is essential at certain times – just think about getting ready for work on those dark winter mornings! Inset ceiling lights, wall sconces and chandeliers all make excellent sources of general ambient lighting. A dimmer switch is recommended so the light can be adjusted as required. As dimmable LED light bulbs are now available, you won’t have to compromise on eco-friendliness or the high running costs associated with incandescent bulbs.

Whether you are a morning or an evening person, make sure you have the right lighting combination to start and end your day in the best possible mood!

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LED lighting Jolijn
LED lighting Jolijn
12 years ago

It’s good to see that also LED Light’s are a way to evoke moods and emotions! And LED light aren’t only good for the mood, but also for the environment. When you are using LED’s, you save so much energy and LED’s are also so durable. So when you are using LED’s next to your bed, it is good for your emotions and for the environment!