In today’s fast-paced world, many people strive to create a contemporary minimal environment. Today’s modern lighting, combined with energy-saving LED light bulbs, can help you achieve that sleek minimal look.

Many modern homes have smaller rooms than their older counterparts. So using LED lighting to achieve a minimal look not only works well with the design, it also creates a feeling of space. However, the right lighting combined with design techniques, can make even a traditional Victorian house look contemporary and up-to-the minute minimal.

As an added bonus, minimal homes are easier to keep clean – reducing the amount of housework needed to keep it looking great!

LED lighting is perfect for creating a minimal look. With both warm and cool white LED light bulbs available, you can create different atmospheres. Cool LED light bulbs work well in a modern, minimal environment. The blue tinge gives a slightly brighter lighting effect than warm white LED light bulbs. They are perfect for accent lighting and highlighting different parts of the room.

If you are creating a working space in your home, perhaps an office or a study, you’ll want to consider some ‘task lighting’. Again, cool white LED light bulbs are ideal for this, giving a good light to work by. This is why cool white LED light bulbs are used extensively in commercial office environments.

The minimal look favours light, bright colours, with darker colours used only as features. Furniture is kept to a minimum, and efficient storage is essential.

To achieve that modern, minimal look, you’ll also have to think about your lifestyle. Your home must be clutter-free, and knick-knacks, pictures and other belongings kept to a minimum. Instead, have clear surfaces and one or two feature pieces only.

Avoid heavily patterned soft-furnishings. Think about using blinds instead of curtains and wood flooring or laminate instead of carpet for a streamlined look.

Spotlights are perfect for creating a minimal look and of course, are no longer expensive to run now LED light bulbs are readily available. Rather than having lots of table lamps around the room, consider only having ceiling spots complemented by one or two dramatic lamps for effect.

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