If you’ve ever wondered how interior designers create such warm and comfortable atmospheres, read on…

One of the best ways to create atmosphere is with lighting. While traditional ceiling lights are functional, occasional lighting helps create a feeling of warmth. Low level lighting is very effective and you’ll find plenty of stunning but inexpensive lamps and lights if you shop around.

Don’t forget LED light bulbs will last for years and save you money, so you can afford to splash out on your lighting.

You will need to select the right light bulbs too if you’re creating an atmosphere which radiates warmth and comfort. Warm white LED light bulbs are great for this. They give a subtle ‘orangey’ light which warms the feel of the room.

You can have separate areas in your room, creating small, intimate seating nooks. If you’re a book worm, add some shelving, your favourite novels and a comfy armchair or sofa. Don’t forget you’ll need suitable lighting, or you won’t be able to see to read.

Furniture lined up in straight lines against the wall has all the warmth and comfort of a dentist’s waiting room! Instead, off-set chairs and couches and place occasional tables conveniently nearby.

Add some cushions, throws, and green leafy plants for extra effect.

Pictures and paintings help create atmosphere too, and they don’t have to cost a fortune. See what the charity shop have to offer or have a day out at your local auction rooms. You’re bound to find some bargains there! Try hanging small pictures lower down your walls or grouping ones of different sizes. You can make a feature of bigger paintings with picture lights fitted with energy-saving LED light bulbs.

Finally, when you’ve created the warm cosy atmosphere you’ve been looking for, don’t forget the bottle of wine. Sit down, put your feet up… and enjoy!

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