There are many essential elements which contribute to a good home library. A fine selection of books is essential. Tranquillity is a must too, as any disturbance such as nearby music or even a noisy radiator, will spoil your concentration and ruin a good read. Equally important however, is your lighting.

To truly lose yourself in a good book, your home library must not be too brightly lit as this will ruin the atmosphere. It also helps to have the option of strong lighting when you’re scanning the shelves for your next read. The solution is to install both general lighting (such as LED downlights in the ceiling) and a localised light source. By placing a table lamp next to your reading area, you’ll have both bases covered.

Effective use of lighting will enhance your reading experience. When enjoying a suspense novel, a strategically placed table lamp will spotlight the book while leaving the rest of the room dark, adding to the tension and feeding the imagination. Angled lights create interesting shadows in the room which add to the mood, whatever book you’re reading.

An attractive lighting option in a home library is a sconce. Whether used as a secondary reading light or just for decorative purposes, it will add warmth to the room and make your home library all the more inviting.

Whichever light you opt for, ensure the light source is positioned over your shoulder so it is not shining straight into your eyes. If you tend to read for hours, be careful you don’t end up reading in the dark – your eyes may adjust to it to some extent, but ultimately it will strain them and may cause headaches.

A home library should be a warm, cosy escape from the noise and stress of everyday life. Make sure the lighting in yours reflects this.

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