It’s widely recognised that LED light bulbs have helped forge and enhance new product lines within most of our well known market places.

The introduction of LED lighting has been extremely pivotal in growing the car accessory market and every day we see their new application in developing the aesthetics of high end technology products.

Where you may not expect their impact to be felt would be in the more traditional and niche market areas. One area where LED light bulbs have found a new home recently is in the games table market; many of us will have contributed to the games table market at some point in our lives, whether we’ve owned a football table or pool table in our home or even knocked a few balls around in our local pub.

A company called Liberty Games who are the market leader in the home games table market have introduced LED light bulbs in to their games tables with a high level of success. One of their most popular product lines is the ‘Aurora Football Table’, this boasts blue LED’s embedded into strategic points around the play surface. Once the sun goes down these LED light bulbs (which run off a standard double AA battery pack) bathe the pitch in a cool blue colour and effectively ‘floodlight’ the pitch. Not only have the LED light bulbs enhanced the overall look of the table but they provide a genuine user enhancement.

From the success of the Aurora football table Liberty Games also experimented with embedding LED’s into the pocket liners of their pool tables. Once again the LED’s modernised the look of the tables which appealed to customers and increased sales volumes, but in a dark room or room with low light the LED’s helped to floodlight the play surface replicating the effect of overhead lighting. Sales of LED enhanced tables outstrip their non illuminated counterparts by 3 to 1 according to Liberty Games M.D. Jamie Stanford.

The LED light bulbs have a genuine dual usage for the designers at Liberty Games, not only can they sharpen up the look of what is a very traditional design, but they also serve to enhance the game play in low light conditions. As the technical director at Liberty Games explains, due to the standardisation of a football table or pool table, we are quite limited in the design flair that can be introduced. The bottom line is that a pool table has to have the same size pockets and cloth type in the same way a football table must have rods, players and goals. For this reason LED light bulbs have allowed us to make a radical style jump which has caught the eye of our customers.

Liberty Games are now looking to introduce LED light bulbs into their arcade machines range. For this application the LED light bulbs will generally be used to make the outside of the cabinet look more modern and appealing for customers, however they are already using LED light bulbs inside the cabinets to illuminate dark areas to assist technicians when performing service. Most have been linked to door switches and of course the light source can be relied upon for years to come.

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