LED lighting is an ever evolving sector of technology, with new advances happening everyday. The quality of light is constantly improving and now, new ways of utilising LED lighting are coming forward. With incandescent bulbs being phased out it is becoming increasingly important to have good, reliable replacements and LED light bulbs stand out as a favourite. Not only this but the phase out is opening up new possibilities to redesign home lighting, to move it away from plain on/off or dimming bulbs. Lighting in the home is being reinvented!

This reinvention of home lighting is where LED technology holds the advantage. LED light bulbs are created from multiple chips which span the colour spectrum, meaning one bulb can produce an almost endless possibility of colours. Coloured LED light bulbs can also be dimmed; this gives a massive amount of freedom to the user , allowing them to create personalised lighting in their home. New technologies are being created which tke advantage of the flexibility offered by LED light bulbs. One stand out technology allows LED light bulbs to be set to any colour and controlled remotely using the internet and a smart phone. An example of this type of bulb is the Philips Hue Lighting system.

Philips Hue

Phillips have created the ‘Hue LED’ bulb. They feature all the power saving advantages that make LED lighting so popular, but are a far more intelligent lighting solution. You can use your smart phone to choose colours from a photo to recreate a scene, or choose a colour setting to set a mood, e.g. recreate a sunrise to wake up to. You can also control them remotely with your smart phone to turn them on and off. This has the potential to aid home security and make it appear you are home when you are not. Alternatively you can use the device to simply turn the lights on remotely on your way home so you do not return to a dark house.

LED lighting can open up endless possibilities for home lighting design. Unlike incandescent and other lighting sources LED light bulbs can come in very small packages which still give out a bright light, such as and LED Strip Light. Being only 8mm in width and 2mm in depth and with added flexibility (literally) it can be placed almost anywhere. Whilst the LED light bulbs on the Strip Light are small, they still give out a fantastic amount of bright light.

LED light bulbs also give you the option to keep the same lighting as before in style and quality but dramatically reduce your energy consumption. Typically a 50 watt halogen GU10 bulbs can be replaced by an LED GU10 bulb with the same light output but using only 5 watts of electricity, saving you a massive 90% on the energy consumption. With many LED light bulbs being designed as retrofit items, you can often upgrade to LED lighting without having to change any fixtures or fittings.

LED lighting is the future, it allows you to redesign your home lighting exactly how you want, giving you the freedom to break away from plain on/off white bulbs. Make your home the best it can be with the future of LED lighting!

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