LED lighting is no longer confined to commercial settings and is increasingly used in all manner of applications in the home, including track lighting. Modern track systems come in a variety of designs, from sleek nickel finishes to stark white. They are not just straight. Tracks can now be bent and adapted to rooms of any shape and size. The lights themselves can be fixed or moved along the track, and they can be swivelled to focus on different parts of the room.

A track system’s versatility gives you a wide range of options when creating a bespoke design. You can illuminate an entire room while at the same time having task or accent lighting where required. Track lighting won’t cost you a lot to run either when you use LED light bulbs, which offer long-term savings. In other words, a track system, used alongside LED light bulbs, is ideal for rooms which need good brightness in general, but could benefit from the added advantage of highlighting specific areas.

So which rooms in particular are suited to track lighting?

In the kitchen, a track system makes for a safer and more enjoyable cooking experience by giving you control over where light is concentrated. Never again will you strain to read a recipe, or confuse sugar with salt. And imagine eating your cornflakes at a breakfast bar which is bathed in light! Track lighting has clear practical benefits in the kitchen, but it can be aesthetically appealing too.

With the number of firms offering teleworking on the rise, more people than ever are working from home.

Track lighting is perfect for the home office. Good lighting will help you focus and prevent eye strain. If you are a freelance worker, there are huge financial incentives in the energy savings provided by LED light bulbs. No one wants to work late from home – if you have no choice, track lighting ensures you have the best possible lighting conditions.

When converting a basement, track lighting is a great way to fill a large area with plenty of light. From games rooms and home cinemas to an additional bedroom or living space, basements have endless conversion potential. A row of coloured LED light bulbs would instantly convert a basement bar into an all-night disco!  Whatever application you’re considering, track lighting is a must have in an environment with little or no source of natural light.

So whether you are working, playing games or preparing food, track lighting will help concentrate your lighting and your mind!

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